A.L. Hansen



Augie L. Hansen Story


I will start the story in 1920 when Augie left the Justrite Company, which at the time was a well-established and successful enterprise. He started his own company that same year called the A.L. Hansen Manufacturing Company in Chicago Illinois. On July 15, 1920 he filled a patent for his "DRYLITE" carbide lamp. The patent was awarded on August 14, 1923. His trademark was applied for on October 2, 1920 and awarded on August 16, 1921. Two more lamp patents were issued to his company, the Force Feed and Hansen cap lamps in 1924.

The Hansen designs were ahead of the times. The rotary striker and the steel reflector were innovations that were unique and addressed common problems encountered with other manufacturers lamps. He was credited with the original patent for the horizontal design of the Justrite when he served as the chief designer and engineer. He became well known in the industry by virtue of his many patents at Justrite.

In the coming years Augie was awarded several more patents. Some of the more advanced designs never made it to production, but others were quite popular. He made a canvas carbide bag, lamp holder bottom and a wire tip cleaner, to mention a few.

The A.L. Hansen company later became a large supplier of specialty parts and is still in business in Waukegan Illinois. Their web site can be found at http://www.alhansen.com . I have included some company information below.

A respected and important manufacturer of commercial vehicle and industrial hardware since 1920, A.L. Hansen Mfg. Co. continues today to supply products long recognized as the industry standard for quality and dependability. Hansen rotary latches, cab locks and center controls are used extensively by leading manufacturers of step vans, van bodies and commercial industrial bodies. Major trailer manufacturers use a wide variety of Hansen hinges, bar locks, tie downs and grab handles. The wide selection of products are also used in electrical cabinets and outdoor enclosures.

Centrally located in Waukegan, Illinois, A.L. Hansen Mfg. is owned and managed by William and Justin Hansen, grandsons of the founder. Working closely with their customers, distributors and talented employees, Bill and Justin have created a "new" company that is committed to three things: Quality, Customer Service and Growth.