Ant Hill



GPS Co-ordinates  35m 25.734s N  18m 53.851s W

Fossilized Sharks teeth hunting at Ant Hill with the Sierra Pelona Rock Club outside of Bakersfield Ca.

Pictured above is Ron, Greg, Kim and Linda taking a break after a morning of hard digging for fossils.

There were two spots we tried out. You are looking at the first which had the larger of the teeth found. The other site is just up the hill on the other side of the access road on the right in the picture above.

Greg and I were chipping away at the semi soft ash matrix to expose the teeth. They were usually found by brushing the matrix with a bristle brush and then looking for points that might be sticking out. Its a lot of hard work chipping brushing and then screening the debris for those 13.5 million year old teeth. It is amazing how sharp and beautiful they are after all that time. This was very productive spot, everyone came away with at least a few nice sharks teeth. Greg even found one very old seal molar.

There is still tons of material available at this site and all around the surrounding area. It is quite strange to find ocean animal fossils here in the middle of the desert and on the side of a mountain. The ocean floor has been pushed up and eroded to expose the fossils that lay deep under sedimentary layers of ocean bottom.