Apache Tears



GPS Co-ordinates,37d 52m 41s north 117d 58m 25s west, elevation 4582 feet

This location for Apache tears is in Nevada, just west of Tonopah in the Fish Lake Valley. The most direct route from So Cal would be the 395 to the 6 going towards Tonopah. At 6 miles before you reach Tonopah you will come to the 264 or old 3A. At 2 tenths of a mile turn left to a well graded dirt road and go about 10 miles to the GPS co-ordinates. From the road you will see the dry marsh to your left and off the road to the right will be a couple of small hills (20 feet high) with a rough dirt trail leading to them. There are thousands of Black and Mahogany Apache tears all over. They range in size from marbles to golf balls. Bring lots of buckets.

If you get a copy of Desert Gem Trails by Mary Frances Strong you will find other interesting sites in the area. Mary's location for the tears has been picked over and what is there is small and dispersed.