Caps And Stuff



Anything that is a mining collectable and not either a cap lamp or hand lamp will be here. There is not much now but I plan to work on finding a lot or mining gear that helps tell the story of life in the mining camps. Some items are hot links to further information. Give them a click.

Davis Blaster        Atlas Powder Company

Atlas Blaster top.jpg (17758 bytes)This is a hand held single or number one blaster. It will set of one squib. The label says to use 30 feet of copper wire or 6 feet of iron wire. I don't think I would want to be that close.

Rarity Atlas blaster side.jpg (17906 bytes) 5

Value $143

Condition 6

Pull Up Blaster        unknown

This unique machine is designed to set off 30 charges at one time (number 3). It is in good shape inside and out. As a safety measure this machine is designed to set off a charge when the handle is pulled instead of pushed. It generates a voltage with a magneto  that in turn charges coils around the magneto. When the handle hits the end of its stroke a cam opens the short to the coils and a charge is developed as the field on the coils collapses. It is quite a clever design for the early 1900's.

Rarity 9

Value $1050


Condition 7


Soft Cap and Justrite Lamp        Coal King

Coal King soft cap and Justrite.jpg (241581 bytes)Both Hat and Lamp are if fair shape. They look like someone just got home from the mine and set their hat on the table

Rarity 4,1

Value $66

Condition 6

Justrite Miners Flask.jpg (267441 bytes)Carbide Hip Flask                              Justrite

Miners hip flask held smokes, matches, and sometimes carbide. This one has seen some use but will still open easily. The rust has pretty well obliterated the Justrite logo.

Rarity 4

Value $80

Condition 3

Leather brim  Soft Cap.jpg (290448 bytes)Leather Brim Soft Cap                            Unknown

I have no notion of who made this cap and would appreciate an Email if you can shed some light on its origin. The metal clip for the lamp is aluminum and the brim is cow hide.

Rarity 1

Value $50

Condition 7

MSA Hardhat                 Mine Safety Appliances Co.

This is a fairly rescent hardhat mounted with a Guys Dropper spade mount. This is a very secure mount and does not wiggle loose. MSA is a well known supplier for the industry from Pensulvania.MSA Hardhat.jpg (48923 bytes)

Rarity 1

Value $150

Condition 8


Hard Hat and Butterfly Lamp                Scalp Cap and Safeport

Scalp Cap and Butterfly.jpg (170221 bytes)This set up looks like a newer miners rig. The cap is made by Scalp Cap Co. out of Chester Pa. the Butterfly lamp is made in Hong Kong by Safeport Manufacturing. I included this foreign lamp for reference purposes. I generally do not collect foreign lamps .

Rarity 1

Value $150

Condition 6

Miner with Zar Lamp              Hand made Dummy

Miner with Zar front.jpg (10043 bytes)This was probably more fun to make than to look at. I wanted to show a hat with a lamp on it, but they would always fall over so I made a dummy. It doesn't fall over either. The lamp is the unfired Zar from the previous section.

Miner with zar side.jpg (10762 bytes)Value without lamp $50

Condition 9


Soft Cap and Guys Dropper                    Unknown and Shaklin Manufacturing

Soft Cap and Guys Dropper.jpg (200950 bytes)There are no markings on the hat. The inside liner is a stripped red white and blue. I believe this came from the Virginia coal country. One thing I have noticed is that most of my old caps are very small. I think that they were probably worn by children that worked in the mines. If you have any historical information Email me and I will include it. The lamp is an everyday Guys Dropper with a reflector on steroids I think.

Rarity 1

Value $125

Condition 5

Ste Ame des France.jpg (199788 bytes)Safety Lamp                                                Ste Ame des France

This is my only safety lamp to date. It is a presentation lantern from a coal mining area in North Gilly France. It was presented at a Rotary Club on April 21st 1929. This is all engraved on the lamp in French. The base seems to be made of a chrome plated pewter looking metal.

Rarity 6

Value $150

Condition 8

Upholsterers Union Int. Label and Autolite.jpg (331055 bytes)Soft Cap                                                   Unknown

The only label in this cap is a "Union Made" Upholsterers Union International tag. If you know who made this cap Email me. The lamp is an AutoLite that was painted olive drab and looks like it would still run.

Rarity 1

Value $125

Condition of cap 8

Condition of lamp 4

Calico Area Mine Artifacts            Calico, California                            

Hand sewn ore sample burlap bag, flat strap steel ore car track, dynamite powder poker, square nails and a couple of barite ore samples. These were all found in a Calico area Mine. on 4/1/2001.