Conover/Emma Mine



GPS Coordinates 36d 26m 37s North 118d 13m 16s West Elevation 2968

This is an overview of the Conover mine in Acton California. It is also known as the Emma mine. It is located 2.2 miles ssw of Acton Ca. It is visible from Soledad Canyon road on a hillside to the North. This picture was taken from an adjacent hillside to the west.

This is an old local map of the area.

Here is a newer map from a rockhounders book. Our site is location d.

And yet again one more map. This is a Geologic map that I will include as a reference for some interesting formations that are here.

    The Cinnamon red areas to the left are dark brown basalt-andesite to andesite  with phenocrysts of plagioclase feldspar, augite and olivine. there are some veinlets of white opal, chalcedony, and quartz.

       The green areas are a coarse red to pinkish conglomerate breccia deposited as alluvial fans from the granitic formations to the east.

    The salmon colored area surrounding the mine is called Parker Diorite. It is light tan to white and spotted with black clusters of hornblend 1/4 inch long and parallel to appear gneissoid.  


This picture displays the three different types of rock formations.

My primary mineral collection spot is just below the mine entrance. Here there is a north south running seam of waxy emerald green quartz (not really collecting quality) to the right and Parker Diorite to the left and in between is a 12" to 24 " seam of copper compound ore. It is bright green and black. The black is a bornite mix and I am sure the green is primarily malachite. The softness of the ore makes them poor candidates for cabs but still interesting collectors specimens.