Full Shift Lamps



I have named this page Full Shift because the lamps here are all hand held or hang up variety. They were called Full Shift because they could be filled with 7 ounces of calcium carbide and theoretically burn for 8 hours or a full shift. In reality they didn't burn that long. The miners always carried extra carbide with them in the mines.

My collection of Full Shift lamps is small.  I have not really specialized in these lamps. Someday I will have to invest a little time and money into developing this collection.


Big Boy              Universal Lamp Co.

Buddy Shift Lamp Top View.jpg (198004 bytes)Lamp on left is complete and works. The middle one is also in good shape but it has an interesting metal numbered tag. I wish I new what it was for.


Buddy Shift Lamp Side View.jpg (230186 bytes)Rarity 5

Value $210

Condition 7,7,1

Dewar Shift Lamps.jpg (227054 bytes)Dew-R-Lite      Dewar Manufacturing Co.

The lamp on the right is complete and looks as though it would fire up with a little cleaning. The one on the left is missing the water valve and door.

Rarity 5

Value $100

Condition 6

Justrite Handlamps 2.jpg (220404 bytes)Justrite          Justrite Manufacturing Co.

The Lamp on the left is a steel Jusrtite Acme and the one on the right is a brass standard Justrite hand lamp. Both are in fair shape.

Rarity 1

Value $100

Condition 2,5

Justrite Handlamps.jpg (194904 bytes)Wolf                Wolf Safety Lamp Co.

These two old timers look like they just came out of a time capsule. There is lots of rust on the outside but looks pretty good inside. There are no holes. The lamp on the left has a aluminum reflector the other is steel. The lamp on the right is missing the striker but the left one has a spare and a hole for a third. I wonder what that was for.

Rarity 4

Value $80

Condition 3