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My first exposure to mining was in the Nevada desert. As a teenager, me and the gang would frequent old mines in southern Nevada and occasionally find relics. My first was an AutoLite Carbide lamp. In the 60ís you could still buy carbide and parts in the hardware stores. For a couple of bucks, I fixed up an old lamp and it worked like a champ. I used this light on many camping trips and excursions into the mines. I really liked it for backpacking because it put out a bright light and carbide was a lot lighter than batteries. It was many years later that I developed the collectors bug. The more I researched these clever little lamps, the more I was fascinated with their history and simplicity.


This is my first relic that I found in a mine in Goldfield Nevada in 1969. It was memories of this trip that got me interested in mining gear many years later.





I found these on the same trip in an old garbage dump outside of town. You sometimes have to look in strange places to find artifacts.





Here is another bit of history from the west. This is my Mom, the love of my life, a Nebraska, girl born during the depression, and married young to escape the mid-west doldrums. She went west with my dad to work in the ship yards of San Francisco during WW2  building Liberty ships. That's when I came along. She moved on to Las Vegas in the very early 50's to work the casino's with the likes of Bugsey Segal and the rest of the wise guys. All in all she raised 5 great kids and is still going strong.



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