Rocks and Minerals

Up Cerro Gordo Rose Quartz Apache Tears Searles Lake US Borax Works Conover/Emma Mine Ant Hill SPRC Claim Princess Pat Mine Balarat Marble Harquahala Mine Verde Marble Calico Mule Canyon Copper World Mine

Cerro Gordo
Rose Quartz
Apache Tears
Searles Lake
US Borax Works
Conover/Emma Mine
Ant Hill
SPRC Claim
Princess Pat Mine
Balarat Marble
Harquahala Mine
Verde Marble
Calico Mule Canyon
Copper World Mine


Rock hounding, prospecting and exploring the geology of our environment are a natural extension of the study of mining and their artifacts. Books and relics need to be put in perspective, and the only way to do that is to understand their  history and the geology . This can only be done seeing, touching and experiencing it in person. 

    The purpose of this site is to share a collection of rock hounding adventures into the south western deserts and mountains. Many of the sites I have visited are listed in the Gem Trails books available at your local bookstores. What I have found to be lacking, is current information, detailed collection status, site pictures and GPS coordinates. It seems that most of the collection sites in these books are too hard to find and when you finally do get there the materials are of poor quality, It would be useful to at least have a fair expectation of what will be at a given location. 

    I hope to post as many sites as I can document and hopefully some that my fellow rock hounders wish to share. This will be a  work in progress. Please share any and all worthy sites with me at this information portal. I will be looking for site descriptions, directions, GPS co-ordinates and collection descriptions with lots of pictures. If you have an interesting site to share please forward your information to .