Rose Quartz



GPS Co-Ordinates,35d 51m 22s North, 118d 31m 46s West,Elevation7244feet. This is a private claim no collecting is allowed

This is a massive wall of Rose quartz in the Greenhorn Mountains by Sugarloaf Peak. It is about 20 miles north west of Lake Isabella. From Lake Isabella take the 155 west to Greenhorn summit. You will then go up a steep grade called Portuguese Pass

When you reach the pull out at the co-ordinates, park to the left and walk down the hill about 1/4 mile. It will be very hard if not impossible to find this spot without a GPS. The quartz is in the cliff face that you will be walking down. You will need to bring heavy sledges and chisels to break away large pieces of quartz although there are lots of small stuff as float.

The quartz is somewhat fractured but well healed. There are lots of small gemmy pieces down the hillside.