SPRC Claim



GPS Co-ordinates 35d 05 m 27s North 117d 45 m 08,3s west

This site is a registered claim site of the Sierra Pellona Rock Club of Valencia Ca. Click on this link for more information.  Access for collection of Travertine is free to the public. The SPRC has left a visitors box on site for recording your visits. If you do visit the site please fill out the form provided. This is information collection is very important to the claim holders ability to maintain the site as a valid claim.

Here is a group photo of some SPRC rockhounds on a recent visit to the claim.

From left to right is Mike Moreno, Ron Lawrence, Roy Polomino and Al Brown..

The Travertine at this site is quite spectacular. The banding is tight and complex with reds, greens, yellows and browns. Inclusions of calcite are also common. Some specimens are nearly all calcite and others have none at all . Most pieces are large and found engulfed in a soft white ash/tuft matrix and a bit of work to get out of the ground. 

Here is Mike contemplating a boulder removal strategy


And then we had to dig it out. This is Mike Moreno supervising  and Mike S in the hole.

Here is the 200 pound Travertine boulder after 2 hours of heavy digging.

The best part of this adventure was going home, getting a shower and sawing up some of this fine Travertine. It takes a great polish and most fractures are completely healed. The cabs don't break up on you half way through the process.

Here is a sample of a slab and a finished Cab from that same slab.

If you care to visit our claim please Email me at mserino@mindspring.com for directions.