Verde Marble



GPS 34D 37.769M North 117D 02.971M West

Sierra Pelona Rock and Mineral Club field trip 2/15/2003

Stoddard Wells Verde Marble Quarry

Just outside of Victorville off of the I15 freeway is a great collection location for Verde (light lime green) marble. There are tons of material here as float and massive outcroppings. You can be very selective in getting the pieces of the right size and color. Many of the boulders are well over 100 pounds. The marble is solid and takes a good polish. There are almost no fractures or seams and slabs well.

To get to this location take the Stoddard Wells/ Bell Mountain turn off and at the intersection at the bottom of the off ramp go left (NNE) on Stoddard Wells road for 11.67 miles to the Lucerne Valley Cutoff road. Go right for 3.93 miles and turn right just a few yards past the pipeline road. Proceed .89 miles south. You will come to a y in the road. Go left for .38 more miles to another y. Go left again for another .83 miles. There are two collecting areas. To the left and up the creek bed you will find a wall of marble and some nice boulders up a little further. This is the 3 color stuff with  yellow and blue tones in the lime green marble. On the right on the hillside is a more pastel lime green with black leopard spots mixed in. Be sure to bring a quirt bottle of water to make identification easier. The way in is a little confusing with several tracks going through the main path. I included a thumbnail map with gps co-ordinates at the critical junctions and turns. Click it  expand.

 swmap.jpg (764911 bytes)

Here are some samples of the material that was collected and slabbed. The one on top is before the polish. I have photographed it wet to better show off the colors which are really hard to capture.